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CEO - Mr. Sagar Garve

Assistant Manager - Mr. Sachiinn Bbadage

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“Join forces with SGLS Team and embark on a journey of resilience, growth, and achievement – where motivation knows no bounds.”

SGLS Team is a professional company  development  company in Pune , India with years of vast experience in the digital industry. Apart from our role as a industry development company, we do offer 360° digital solutions to help you grow your business .

Our team is made up of best Developers and Designers with supreme enthusiasm who like executing each task with absolute excellence and creativity.



We work with you to transform your vision and strategy into a company experience that will help business connect with prospective clients. As people browse through your site, they will be inspired and encouraged to take the next step and contact you to learn more about your products and services. With the right web development company on your side, you can reap the benefits of a scalable website that allows you to successfully interact with people all over the world.


Feedback & Reviews

“Unparalleled service that goes the extra mile!”

बहुत अच्छी सपोर्ट करती हैं हमारी IT कंपनी में वर्कर्स अछि तरहसे काम नहीं कर पा रहे ते इसलिए हम सभी मैनेजमेंट ने चुना कि SGLS TEAM
को हम चॉइस करना बहुत महत्वपूर्ण हैं नहीं तो हमारी कंपनी बंद पद जाएगी इसलिए पूरी तरहसे बिज़नेस स्ट्रटेजी के बारेमे सचिन सर ने बहुत अछि तरह हमको सपोर्ट किया और हम सब हासिल कर पाए धन्यवाद SGLS TEAM

डॉ. माधव पांडे

( C E O ) सिग्मा इंडस्ट्रीज

आज मई इस स्थिति पर खड़ा हु की कारण SGLS TEAM क्यों की हमारी सभी कम्पनी की दरवाजे बंद हो चुकिती
सभ कुछ ख़त्म हो गया था उस वक्त में हम सब मैनजेमेंट को किस तरीकेसे कम्पनी आगे लेकर जाना हैं कुछ पता नहीं चल रहा था
तो सभी हैंडल कर पाए SGLS TEAM ,

Mahendra Verma


जब तक जान हैं तब तक हम SGLS TEAM को नहीं भूल पाएंगे क्यों की
हॉस्पिटैलिटी में बहुत ही नुकसान होते जा रहा था इसलिए तभ हम चॉइस किये SGLS TEAM
तब से हमारी हॉस्पिटालिटी बहुत ही प्रगति पर चल रही हैं तो मैं बोलना चाहता हु की AMAZING SGLS TEAM

डॉ. रोशन मेघा


IT कंपनी हम कभी से शुरुवात की यी हैं तब से तक़लीफ़ी ही ज्यादा आ रहे थे इसलिए बहुत मतलब बहुत प्रॉब्लम फेस कर रहे ते

वर्कर्स काम नहीं कर रहे और काम टारगेट पूरी नहीं कर प् रहे ते उस वक्त में हमको SGLS TEAM के वजा से हम अब तक बहुत ही

सुधार होते जा रही। मैं SGLS TEAM को बहोत ही दिल से उनको सभी को धन्यवाद देते हैं।

अंजलि मिश्रा


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Where we offer a wide range of engaging and transformative content brought to you by SGLS Team , an esteemed CEO of an IT company and a motivational speaker. If you’re seeking ways to improve your company, grow your business, and make it a top contender in the industry, you’ve come to the right place. SGLS Team  shares invaluable insights on how to effectively control your IT company, manage your team of workers, and distribute work efficiently. With his expertise, you’ll learn the art of time management, enabling you to make the most of every moment and boost productivity.

But it doesn’t stop there. SGLS Team delves into the realm of finance, guiding you on how to increase your financial prosperity and overcome any obstacles hindering your success. Unlock the secrets of using the right key to unlock the doors to abundance and prosperity.


Furthermore, SGLS Team understands that success encompasses more than just business. He explores the essential aspects of relationships, health, and personal development. Discover how to repair strained relationships, develop understanding, and even heal the husband-wife bond. SGLS Team wisdom extends to diagnosing diseases through observation, healing mental and physical health, and nurturing overall well-being.

Leadership takes center stage as SGLS Team  uncovers the different types of leaders and highlights the traits that set them apart. Are you a manager or a leader? Learn to inspire, influence, and motivate your team, making a profound impact not only on your business but also on the lives of those you lead. Discover various leadership styles and how they can be applied in different situations.

For aspiring leaders, SGLS Team provides invaluable advice on how to develop and refine your leadership qualities. Enhance critical thinking skills, communicate effectively, and organize workflows with finesse. Recognize the potential in your team members, build strong relationships, and foster a cooperative work environment. Embrace challenges, seek improvement, and celebrate both success and failure as opportunities for growth.

Whether you’re a business professional, student, spiritual seeker, trainer, healer, teacher, housewife, farmer, or actor, there’s something for everyone in SGLS Team transformative training. Join us on this journey of company improvement, self-development, IT company growth, and motivation. Together, we’ll unlock your true potential and pave the way for your extraordinary success.

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